Shocker: According to an investigation by WNYC, the NYPD routinely engages in illegal tactics when conducting stop-and-frisk searches, resulting in a marked increase of low level pot arrests, especially amongst minorities. Through outright deception, cops have been very successful in trumping up charges. Here’s how they do it.

For decades, the possession of 25 grams or less in New York State has been decriminalized and those caught with weed—assuming it’s concealed—should receive a civil citation in the form of a DAT (desk appearance ticket). Now, if that same 25 grams or even 1/10 of that amount if visible in public, then it warrants a full arrest and a misdemeanor. So officers often trick suspects into displaying their stash, thereby upgrading a civil charge into a criminal one. Or they just straight up lie.

Because the use of stop-and-frisk tactics is more frequent in poorer neighborhoods, as you can imagine, a disproportional amount of blacks and Hispanics are prosecuted compared to their white counterparts, who believe me, are carrying just as much weed. Below is a handy, color-coded map that breaks down the egregious transgressions by neighborhood: