Not too long after the 9/11 attacks, when everyone was still scared shitless, the NYPD announced it would be installing a massive surveillance network dubbed the “Ring of Steel,” claiming that it would become an effective tool for combatting terrorism.

This is how they had to sell it in, knowing people would be more open to big brother’s prying eyes if it was done to keep us safe from the latest boogeyman.

However, numerous studies have shown, that security cameras do little to prevent a crime from taking place and mostly comes in handy after the fact. And that’s good enough for NYC’s top cop, Ray Kelly, who credited the $200 million system with helping cops arrest a whopping 100 people for low level crimes in the in the past eight months. That’s money well spent. Touting this success, the police commissioner said the city plans on installing another 1,200 or so cameras, which means the terrorists have not only won, but they’re also doing victory laps.