Keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement is a daunting task for news outlets big and small, so from here on in, we’ll be doing a daily roundup of the latest goings-on. (Image: nerephotography)

Day 105

  • What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Occupy 2012 sounds like fun and is offering two options.
  • A moronic writer Daily Beast writer channels the worst of the New York Post and draws a comparison of Occupy Wall Street to 9/11. WOW.
  • The OWS General Assembly passed a proposal that graffiti writers should have done a long time ago: They set up a $100,000 bail fund for protesters who get arrested.
  • Similarly, demonstrators have worked with organizers of the annual Rose Parade and instead of occupying the official procession, will march on the same parade route after.
  • Why aren’t more musicians making protest songs? Good question.
  • Some activists in OWS movement are telling supporters to participate in the Iowa caucuses instead of disrupting them. Speaking which, take a video tour of the headquarters there below: