Keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement is a daunting task for news outlets big and small, so from here on in, we’ll be doing a daily roundup of the latest goings-on. (Photo: Jim Kiernan/flickr)

Day 61

  • Yesterday, was the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement and as you can imagine, there was a lot going on, where do we start…? Arrests! According to the NYPD there was 300 of them.
  • Speaking of bullshit, NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s son is a perfect fit for Fox News, mainly, cause like the network, he’s a fucking liar and repeated through out the day that OWS was going to shutdown the NYC transit system, when by “occupy” they meant hand out flyers.
  • In one of the most blatant acts of political grandstanding ever, Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference at the hospital where an officer who required a few stitches was treated. Meanwhile, a protester had his skull fracutred by an NYPD baton, but he didn’t get a visit, he was arraigned.
  • The students of Pace University would really appreciate if the police don’t use their campus as a staging ground against peaceful protesters.
  • Churches in the area feel the same way about undercover officers spying on demonstrators.
  • The NYPD are using a sound cannons on protesters, but they just hasn’t turned up the volume all the way.
  • Regarding the above photo, it wasn’t just the Verizon building that was “occupied” by projections, here’s another spot the Batman-like signal appeared. Boingboing was able to track down and interview the guy responsible for the protest beams.
  • And lastly, during the Brooklyn Bridge march a woman, who has shown up at all the union-backed demonstrations, sang her signature song to the delight of the crowd. Also note the horns honking in support.