Keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement is a daunting task for news outlets big and small, so from here on in, we’ll be doing a daily roundup of the latest goings-on. (Photo: James Thilman/Gothamist)

Day 81

  • Occupy Wall Street demonstrators marched through East New York today and have reached 702 Vermont Street, a home that was foreclosed on by Bank of American and which has been vacant for three years. Protesters are there to renovate the space and make it available for a family to move back into. Wow.
  • The Pepper Spray Cop pepper-spraying baby Jesus sweater is now available as a t-shirt as well.
  • President Obama is starting to use OWS rhetoric in his speeches.
  • Many critics said that Occupy Wall Street protesters need to take their message to D.C. and they have, with dozens occupying several Senate and House offices on Capitol Hill!
  • Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has asked the Justice Department to investigate the NYPD for their brute tactics in dealing with OWS protesters, citing several instances of misconduct by officers.
  • Speaking of the NYPD, here’s a video purportedly from hacker group Anonymous promising to unleash a world of pain on them for being so cruel to protesters.