Occupation Roundup

Keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement is a daunting task for news outlets big and small so from here on in, we’ll be doing a daily roundup of the latest goings-on. (Photo: ANIMALNewYork)

Day: 49

  • So… Mayor Bloomberg, is increasingly getting wary of the protesters at Zuoccotti Park and is using a recent sexual harassment arrest as a major launching pad to justify an inevitable crackdown at Zuccotti Park. He also says there’s no way NYC is going to become an Oakland.
  • The New York Post is in Occupation Heaven and is using every opportunity possible to paint the movement as a haven for rapists and crazy people. To argue their sensationalist POV, the paper ran a front page story (and scary headline) that included video of a mentally deranged man acting like an asshole and yelling at people, cause clearly, that never happens in a place like NYC.
  • BTW, video-guy Joey Boots captured footage of the same ginger guy (5:08 mark) being stupid when cops arrested three people for wearing masks in public, which hilariously, is against New York State law because people used to do really bad things with them on back in 1845.
  • A sympathetic vendor on the perimeter of Zuccotti Park who was running a power cord from his food cart to protesters got a slap on the wrists by the FDNY and had his generator seized and it was all captured on video.
  • Dozens of demonstrators who were given summonses and desk appearance tickets for demonstrating near Union Square and on the Brooklyn Bridge had their day in court on Thursday, the majority of whom told prosecutors they’d rather accept a death sentence trial than the plea deal being offered, which would basically render them impotent for any future marches.
  • With conditions at Zuccotti Park getting crowded, there’s talk of “occupying” Central Park, where at least one man thinks that living in an igloo is a good option.
  • Conan O’Brien dispatched Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to ‘Occupy Wall Street.’
  • Good news: OWS secured some portable toilets for protesters at 52 Broadway. Hopefully this means that the McDonald’s bathroom can get a reprieve, the lady at Burger King who checks for receipts won’t have to yell as much, and there will be less public urination which has really pissed off local residents.
  • The NYPD is moving in any minute to crush OWS. Well, that’s the current rumor. In fact, we’ve heard that about 10x since they’ve first started camping out in Zuccotti, but this time, everyone is convinced it’s real. And just in case it does, OWS has set up an emergency alert system: @occupyalert.
  • And finally, you can’t have a proper movement with out a proper time lapse video. Marvel: