From the makers of “The Tea Party Coloring Book,” comes “Occupy!” With quotes from “Plato to O’Reilly, Hannity to Maddow, Obama to Boehner” and a mishmosh of random imaginary illustrations — one lone cop worriedly watching a procession of scary, blank-sign carrying hordes, etc. — this here’s a book of “colorable pictures based on information and feedback we obtained from citizens around the country.” Fox News thinks it’s “balanced,” so you get where it’s going.

The silliest thing about this $6.99 a-pop “A Grown-Up Coloring Book Novel Classic-Commemorative-Keepsake!” isn’t its “1% Golden Bull-Guilt Relief Form” wherein rich people can sign away all their moneys, ha, ha, “satire,” not, or even the WTF cover collage. This is: Apparently the particular patrons they’re catering to don’t understand things… like obvious sarcasm, as per this YouTube comment:

You just lost a bunch of clients… Any self respecting patriot would never patronize your business anymore. Pander to the socialists and you shall get your just deserts. And, where is your Tea Party coloring books?

I mentioned that they did the Tea Party coloring books, right? Looks like a job for the MALIK 11000 Microwaving Robot.