The Occupy Wall Street protest, which today enters day 31 and has now become a bonafide movement, had quite a weekend. Nearly 100 people were arrested in Manhattan in a string of demonstrations in Times Square, Washington Square Park and a Citibank branch. Wait, what?

Times Square
On Saturday, crowds reportedly numbering between 15,00 and 20,000 made good use of the pedestrian plazas and occupied Times Square. That would explain why the bulk of the arrests, 74 to be exact, happened here. Or was it because of entrapment? Either way, one things’ for sure: police on horses are scary.

A group of protesters “occupied” a Citibank branch in the West Village, some of whom reportedly were there to close their accounts, which is now apparently an arrestable offense. There’s conflicting reports about the incident, but the bank did make one thing abundantly clear: It was the NYPD’s fault that people were arrested, not theirs, even though they’re the ones that wouldn’t let them go and called police in the first place.

Washington Square Park
Let’s face it, conditions at Zuccotti Park are getting crowded so demonstrators figured why not expand to Washington Square Park. One problem with that though, it’s a public park with a curfew, which a handful of people tested to no avail. After warning them to leave, police officers swooped in and forcefully removed protests and almost got themselves a few journalists as well. It’s not like they were getting that much footage anyway, as cops used strobe flashlights to limit their First Amendment rights and ability to use cameras.

In addition to a slew of occupations (and arrests) across the Unite States, Occupy Wall Street has gone global with demonstrations popping up in Canada (yes that counts) as well as Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and about 75 other countries.

Additional developments
The Occupy Wall Streeters have a lot to celebrate on their one month anniversary with news that they amassed quite a war chest of cash and according to a new poll, the majority of New Yorkers are supporting them. And finally: There’s so many hot chicks hanging out at Zuccotti Park that there’s a tumblr dedicated to them.

(Photo: Jen Stewart/flickr)