(Ray Kelly observing sweep of Liberty Plaza Park)

Liberty Plaza, the site of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is currently under siege. The NYPD is sweeping the park of protesters and making it very difficult for the press to document arrests anything. I’m currently stuck behind a barricade and will be updating with photos of what I’ve seen so far. Stay tuned. Reporting live from the scene via Twitter. (Photos: ANIMALNewYork)

(I took this photo of Ray Kelly and an officer demanded that I leave the area or face arrest)

(This is the NYPD line formed when a pack of reporters demanded access)

(Police keeping the area around Liberty Plaza locked down)

(DSNY workers sweeping stuff up and removing items with NYPD in background)

(Closeup of DSNY workers)

Video of DSNY workers cleaning the park

(Here’s the courageous NBC reporter who challenged the NYPD several times until his press pass was pulled, literally)

(Protester was carried out out by four officers and then got into a brief shoving match)

(Here’s the wall of cops that amassed at Fulton and Broadway to prevent anyone from heading south)

(Protesters facing off with cops at Fulton Street and Broadway)