Occupy Los Angeles: Bilingual Chants and Friendlier Coppers

10.02.11 Marina Galperina

The #OccupyLA protests started yesterday morning at Pershing Square where the National Lawyer’s Guild had initially estimated the crowd as 500 strong. The number seemed to grow as we marched towards City Hall in Downton LA. The cops were actually helpful, blocking the intersection so the marchers could cross on red lights. When we got to the steps, a particularly surly fella with a badge kicked the protestors off the main steps, so the momentum was broken a bit as the crowd dispersed and re-clustered around City Hall steps and lawns. The occupation had began.

The chants sounded great in Spanish. The crowd fluctuated throughout the day. The speakers reiterated that these protests were organized specifically in solidarity with #OccupyWallSt. “We are the 99%” on site: Public school teachers, immigration rights activists, professors, Libertarians, Communists, Anonymous, intensely normal-looking families with toddlers and puppies, protestors in “billionaire” drag…

Those who camped out through the night set up tents on the sidewalk, as instructed, and moved back on the lawn by 6am. There were no arrests. It’s still happening right now. (Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMAL New York)