Old Russians Brawl Violently Over Park Demolition

07.12.11 Marina Galperina

FIGHTInfuriated Russians blocked intersection near their beloved local park, soon to be turned into a parking lot. Watch it turn into an all out brawl, complete with randomly attacked drivers and a meat-head beating up seniors.

“My husband planted these trees thirty years ago!” begins a babushka, pointing out her apartment window at the doomed, grassy playground. Several minutes later she is in the street with other elderly, blocking the traffic as revenge on the car-driving people of Moscow. Violent fracas quickly ensues.

When a particularly fancy car manages to swerve out of the makeshift blockade, someone punches it. Out bursts a big sweaty goon, punching old people in the face, shoving old ladies and rage-clobbering everyone in sight. He can be seen later beating on a small skinny man and running over an old man with his speeding car. The old man gets right up to continue the “protest.”

An angry young’un is later seen furiously kicking a random driver.

No one died, except for the damn trees.