Olek’s Art Burned in Poland: She Makes the Arsonists… Crochet?

11.30.11 Marina Galperina

olekNYC crochet-bomber Olek is kind of sweet. A little while ago, some kids decided to burn the street installation she made for an art festival in Poznan, Poland. They easily got caught, but she took pity on them.

“On Tuesday, police arrested 19-year-old pyromaniac,” Poznan Gazeta reports and later, his 20-year-old accomplice. Quickly. How? They hopped by to rip the pink yarn off and failed, so they torched and melted the art… in full view of surveillance cameras on a very public street and then went on to boast about it on Facebook. Clearly, not pros.

“I met two boys who burned down my sculpture in Poznan,” Olek wrote today. “I don’t want them to go to prison, I don’t want them to pay cash for it… I asked them to crochet scarves for homeless people. They happily agreed!”

When ANIMAL asked Olek why, she said “I really do not know. It is so natural to me to help them out. Besides, the work (crocheted scarves) will return on the street. By the way, those boys are really sorry and feel really bad.”