Sad news for muralists and fans of legal graffiti. 5 Pointz, a sprawling spray paint covered building in Long Island City, may be buffed, permanently. Owner Jerry Wolkoff is looking to redevelop the storied spot into a massive residential complex consisting of high rises, a supermarket, retail spaces, artist studios, and in an effort to throw the street art community a bone, a dedicated wall for the aerosol-inclined to practice on.

Not surprisingly, some people are up in arms over the inevitable razing of the iconic location formerly referred to as the “Phun Factory,” but no one makes a more ridiculous argument for its preservation than Steve Harrington, author of a really crappy book on New York street art:

This is a cultural landmark, not only for New York, but for hip-hop culture worldwide,” says Steve Harrington, the author of the book “Street Art New York.”

Ha! If that’s the case, knock it down this weekend! (Photo: mogaphoto/flickr)