Amazingly, the Occupy Wall Street protests have once again defied all odds and won’t be evicted for an official clean up of Zuccotti Park after all. Thousands of people converged on the encampment early this morning and the crowd broke out in a thunderous cheer when it was announced, via the “people’s mic,” that Brookfield Properties decided to postpone their planned operation.

Emboldened by the victory, a march was organized and demonstrators were told to meet on the southeast corner of the park. They then started marching down Broadway on the sidewalks, but quickly poured out into the streets.

After passing the bull, protesters headed east on Beaver Street and that’s when the first arrests happened as NYPD scooter units started clearing the streets.

But it was hard for officers to keep up with crowd and they continued to zig-zag through the Financial District, even occupying the tail end of Wall Street at one point, before they looped back towards Zuccotti Park. All along the route, there were clashes with police and several arrests.

The occupation continues… for now.