According to the user who recently uploaded this video to YouTube, some girls jumped the turnstiles at the 125th Street 2/3 station (can anyone identify which line?) and “when cops try to arrest them… this is what happens.” UPDATE: The videographer, Frank Harts, offers some more details below.

Basically, chaos ensues, as the young women start smacking the officers, who seem unable to control the situation at all. Consider this THE case study for how not to make an arrest.

From Frank Harts:

Happened around 9:40pm on Friday, October 7th in Harlem below the 125th street and Lenox Street 2/3 station. These girls allegedly jumped the subway turnstile to avoid a fare. When the cops entered the train and tried to talk them out. It didn’t work. They began to force them out and this is what happend next. Not sure if you can fully see but there was a gigantic mob of people who had the cops/girls surrounded. Some seemed to be protesting the cops and others where if favor of the police action. From my vantage point it seemed like the girls were completely in the wrong, but I can’t be sure. It seemed like forever for back up to arrive but as you can see it wasn’t really that long. This happened FAST. Not sure what happened after.