Performance Artist Gives Birth at Brooklyn Gallery

As planned, Marni Kotak gave birth at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery yesterday in front of a birthing team and an exclusive live audience of those who stopped by earlier to court her with chats on “motherhood, birth and art” and thus established “an authentic relationship” with the artist and hence were invited to see her pop out her art piece, Baby X.

While she was expecting, about twenty people a day stopped by for a visit. The gallery won’t say how many actually witnessed the creation of the 9-pound, 2-ounce, 21-inch, flesh and blood work, nor will they release photos and video… yet.

Is it fair to say that only those privileged few who spectated the physical birth will truly “get” this performance, while the rest must glean meaning from media run-off and speculate? Is it cunty to say that its exclusivity has made the gallery event on demand, on par with gawking at Marina Abramović at atrium of the MoMA (although, it might have been more interesting had the birth actually taken place in the said atrium, in front of hundreds?)

All right. Let’s can the cynicism here for a second and congratulate the mommy and hubby on the arrival of their healthy baby boy. I hear that kind of stuff is really exciting. Seriously just kidding. Congrats.