Photographer Exposes the NYC Experience, Herself

03.23.11 Marina Galperina

Begging for change on Houston Street nude, browsing books at the NYU Library nude, buying a street hot dog nude – photographer Erica Simone created this series of self-portraits exposing herself all over New York City doing typical New York City things. Twenty photographs from Nue York are presented at Damon Dash’s gallery as evidence. See some below (NSFW) and… UPDATE: Erica Simone herself tells ANIMAL how she didn’t get arrested doing this.

Her philosophy? “Just being.” Her technique? Well, that’s kind of obvious. Her shockingly nonchalant approach and the ability to take self-portraits (with a timer?) while riding nude on a motorcycle through Tribeca? Impressive.

UPDATE: ANIMAL asked Erica Simone how the hell she pulled it off. Her answer:

I haven’t come too close [to being arrested], besides the Central Park shot which I won’t discuss too much about. And also the man on the Harley is an ex-police officer, but he was very excited to do the shot with me, I had met him 5 minutes before doing it. I use a remote control shutter release – I’m always the one triggering the shot. Some more details… Well, I can tell you, each photo has a totally different story. Most are done very guerilla-style, I don’t tell anyone around me what I’m going to do, although in some circumstances I’ve had to, if it would make the photo better… It all depends. The key to each shot is definitely timing and I can sometimes wait 30 min – 1hr to take a certain shot. But most of the time, I’m in and out, naked and dressed in a blink of an eye.

“Nue York,” Erica Simone, Apr 14 – Apr 28 (Opening Apr 14, 7pm), Dash Gallery, NYC