‘Pornucopia’ Art Show Terrifies Orthodox Community With Nipples

03.15.11 Marina Galperina

Here’re some randy artworks from the “Pornucopia” excess and porn-themed art show at the Allegra LaViola Gallery. Randy! Yet, it was the relatively tame nude pizza-face and happily-nippled skipping girl in the window display that caused vocal protesting from the adjacent Orthodox community, three visits from the police in the past two weeks and Yeshiva schoolboys banging on the glass.

It’s a delicate situation. The culture clash between the long-established Jewish Orthodox community and the newer art gallery scene seems unavoidable.

Obviously, if nipples and crotch-patches alone are intolerable, “disgusting” displays of “I don’t know what this world is becoming!” then the water-color strap-on sex-doll face-riding inside won’t be your fare, regardless of your spiritual persuasion. Don’t go in. But this is New York City. Let’s celebrate diversity. That includes a little porn art.

The show runs through Friday. “Pornucopia,” Group Show, Feb 4 – Mar 18, Allegra LaViola Gallery, NYC