A rare 8-by-10 Polaroid of Dennis Hopper taken by his actor friend Jason Lee was stolen from THIS Gallery in Los Angeles. Lee is offering a $25,000 reward and a heartfelt plea to the thief on the gallery’s website. It is a hugely sentimental single-print photograph and there is no negative; it’s “the one single physical document of the photographer’s time with his subject.” As the show was closing up, someone “stole a piece off the wall and bolted out the front door.” Aside from hurting the non-profit gallery’s business and reputation, the stolen Polaroid is oozing with bad karma.

“There is no way that this Polaroid will ever have the same worth to you that it holds for Jason, everyone at THIS, and to our community in general. As long as you have it all you hold is the sadness and anger that has been created by your taking it.” Anytime your conscience starts chewing at you, little thief, you can return it annonymously and not have charges pressed against you. Snap snap.