Destroying private property is very very bad and we’d never ever advocate any kind of unlawful activity, but hypothetically speaking, the two cameras installed to guard a wall and surveill the public on Houston Street at the Bowery could easily be incapacitated. All someone would need is some basic items and probably a step stool since they’re about 10 feet off the ground. It also makes the most sense to utilize the nook located at the East end and work West. Some options:

1. Snips: Quickly cut the two wires located at the back of the cameras.
2. Spray paint: Blast the lens. Done.
3. Brick: Nuff said.
4. Gum: Big League Chew-style wads, proceed to smoosh.
5. Balloons: Although not nearly as destructive (or illegal) as the other options, it can be an effective way to temporarily block the camera’s field of vision.

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