Even on April Fool’s (!) Day–it will get you in trouble. Just ask “G.W.,” a law school graduate who was denied admission to the New Hampshire bar because of a bunch of criminal convictions–including one for pretending to be a bank robber–as well as student loan debt that, sadly, isn’t much higher than my own law school-related debt load.

What’s really unfortunate is that this was his first time he’d passed the actual exam part after eight tries, reports Legal Profession Blog. So he was probably like “whew, finally, I made it!” But the court said he “fail[ed] to accept responsibility for the consequences of his poor judgment and criminal behavior,” including a DWI, and also wasn’t so candid during the application process.

He could now start pretending to be a lawyer, which is also a bad idea because it’s illegal. But G.W. seems to like bad ideas, so maybe he’ll go for it.