If you’ve turned on your various media boxes at all in the past few days, you might have heard that a certain Radiohead has been playing in town this week. Indie-hysteria over tickets have crept to an  all time “eh” with plenty of people offering their first born, a fancy dinner and just about all manners of trade to get the elusive tickets.

Needless to say, there’s plenty of fans jumping on the “I didn’t get a ticket” waaambulance blaming everyone from Ticketmaster (easy) to their browser refreshing skills. Sad as this first world problem may be, at least one man managed to get tickets by being straight up smooth.

A source recounts a fans spark of innovation that helped him get the jump on Ticketmaster while everyone was busy checking their facebooks and praying their cell phone batteries would hold.

Knowing the tickets would go on sale at 10am,  the innovative fan called Ticketmaster at 9:15 am feigning interest in purchasing Rangers hockey tickets. For 45 minutes he went back and forth on whether or not to get said tickets.  At the stroke of 10 am, he casually asks  the salesperson – Oh yeah, what about Radiohead tickets? To his delight the salesperson quickly threw Radiohead tickets in the mix and the transaction was complete (still no confirmation on whether or not he passed on the hockey tix).

Great, you say, we could have all used this information a few days ago. True, but if hope springs eternal, wouldn’t it be great if the same band who so strongly denounce corporate greed surprised us all and joined the protest downtown?