Rand Paul Gets Creative With Budgeting

01.27.11 Lauri Apple

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (TP-KY) made a budget that’s kind of like a not-budget, because it doesn’t set aside any money for a lot of things that the government usually does, and also shuts down much of the government, actually.

The “L.A. Stands-for-‘Lauri-Apple'” Times reports that Paul’s budget is five times more stringent/cutty than the one being promoted by House Republican leaders–who are quite in love with budget-cutting themselves. They even have a dynamic interactive website about it. But they are no match for Paul, who is a Libertarian-Tea Party extremist.

Says the Times:

His plan would cut in half funding for the Department of Commerce and nearly eliminate the Department of Education. It would eliminate the Department of Energy, which oversees environment regulation and enforcement.

The budget would cut funding for the federal court system and the Agriculture Department by nearly one-third. The Pentagon would see a roughly 6% cut, and the Food and Drug Administration a 62% cut.

Paul’s budget proposal would also shut down HUD, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment of the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, reports Mother Jones. But it leaves Pell grants alone, so the poor kids can go to poor colleges.

As for defense spending, Paul would cut only $48 billion. We have to defend our liberty! And our Libertarians.

In other Rand Paul news, the junior senator is joining his Congressman-dad, Ron, in pushing for an audit of the Federal Reserve. Now that’s a heartwarming, father-son story.