Apart from it being overtly racist, it leads to rampant abuse as demonstrated by Michael Daragjati, an eight year veteran of the force, is charged with violating a 31-year old man’s civil rights in connection with the NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy.

After searching the African-American male and having found nothing, the officer was asked for his badge number, an act which immediately led to the man’s arrest and 36 hour detention. Daragjati filed a bogus report claiming the suspect flailed his arms and legs and had to be arrested, but that did not hold up for long.

Making matters even worse, the cop was then caught on wiretap telling a friend that he just “fried another nigger.” Another investigation is currently underway regarding a separate incident where the same cop and his friends beat up and threatened at gunpoint a man who he believed stole his snowplow. The officer then bragged to someone about it while showing pictures of the man’s injuries on his cell phone.