Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Is Dangerous, Risky

03.23.11 Bucky Turco

While the majority of media outlets have focused on the viral improbability of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song (over 38 million views on YouTube), its cacophony of mind-numbing auto-tuned lyrics, or the money she’s already raked in on the single, no one has spoken up against the sinister esoteric message the video is really sending: promiscuous auto safety.

Teenage kids riding around in a convertible without seat belts? Really? Don’t they know seat belts save lives?

Even the rapper who makes a cameo isn’t wearing one.

Getting America to “buckle up” has been a tremendous undertaking and now some 13-year-old rolls along and sets one of the country’s most successful public service announcements ever back decades? Boycott now!