Replace Wall Street’s Charging Bull With a Bison

09.20.11 Marina Galperina

“We no longer live in Bear and Bull times… Get ready for the Age of the Bison!” The “publicly funded” project Wall Street Bison wants to “legally” ditch the Bowling Green Bull and replace it with a more appropriate mammal mascot. Why bison?

The pitch sounds plausible, if you want to take a “banker”-costumed artist with a noose for a tie at face value.

Yaz explains why the old one won’t do:

It is the laughing stock of foreign tourists… It looks stupid… it is not a symbol of power or might… it is a symbol of carelessness … hubris… looks like it is breaking everything along its path… Is that the economic and financial image America wants to project to the rest of the world ?

Also, the Charging Bull is not unique at all. There’s a copy in Shanghai, China. Yes, China! BURN.

Also,  “The story of the American Bison is a great story of survival and resilience…” and something about coming back form the brink of extinction, *violin sound.*