There’s no doubt that LAPD brass are a sordid bunch of assholes who have no qualms about politicizing certain arrests and are hellbent on casting graffiti artists as ruthless thugs, but this is by far, the flimsiest attempt at explaining why REVOK was busted and is about as responsible as Fox News.

There’s no need to engage in conspiracy theories and grandstanding when it’s pretty obvious what the “real reason” was: He didn’t pay the restitution that was outlined in the terms of his probation. That’s it.* Some may argue that the original case was bullshit and he should have never been arrested in the first place, but that’s another story.

Having said that, no graffiti writer should ever be sent to jail and his 180 day sentence is excessive, so anything that helps raise money for his legal defense is a noble endeavor, like this limited edition print by ASKEW that can be purchased here. Or there’s always this t-shirt option the proceeds of which will also be donated to cover his legal bills, although, this would have been a lot more helpful before he went to jail … a good lawyer can do a world of wonders.

*The Los Angeles Times reported that the police may try to tack on additional acts of vandalism due to so-called evidence they discovered when they apprehended him, but that hasn’t happened and had nothing to do with his sentencing.