Charismatic graffiti legend CASE2 died on Sunday at the age of 53 from lung cancer. He was part of The Fantastic Partners (TFP) crew and is credited with developing the computer rock style of the art form. The subway painting pioneer made a name for himself in the 70s, bombing countless whole cars, and was immortalized in 1982 documentary Style Wars.

Despite having one arm, he was very prolific and served as an inspiration to writers from all over the city. TERROR161 penned the following:

Let’s bid farewell to Almighty Case
He came here and he rocked the place
Writing and fighting his way to fame
Made damn sure we knew his name
Computer Rock and T.F.P
Just part of his legacy
A legend of graffiti art
With half the limbs and twice the heart.
The King of Style has left his throne.
In our culture he stood alone.

CASE2 Blackbook (Photo: Clark Grizwald/flickr)