Fountain Vandal Caught on Tape, Facing “Exemplary Punishment”

09.06.11 Marina Galperina

vandalAn angry bald man was captured on tape hopping into the Moro Fountain in Rome and defacing an old marble statue by maniacally bashing it with a big rock (0:15). He was apprehended trying to bludgeon the Trevi Fountain too.

Now, the Italian government is planning to introduce harsher penalties for all varieties of vandalism, if historical art is involved. As a warning to serial nose-chippers and conceptual pranksters alike, the Mayor issued this statement:

I hope that this criminal is given an exemplary punishment, including jailtime, because it’s necessary to make clear the gravity of the crime to defend our artistic patrimony.

A British tourist chimes in:

It is a crime. I don’t know how important it is, but it is a crime against the values of civilization.

Even though the sculpture was 19th-century copy of a 16th-century original (most “big deal” works in Rome are, while originals are hoarded safely off the street), beware: Anyone caught targeting anything fancy, symbolic and official will face harsher punishment.

The pieces of the Moro Fountain were recovered and are being prepared for re-attachment.

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