When the Russian Health Ministry agents unleashed that horrifying squirrel anti-alcohol PSA (3 million hits on YouTube), they failed to think through two things. First, they should have copyrighted the trademark of said squirrel. Second, we Slavs have a wickedly absurd sense of humor. Ta-da! Here comes a Rusinvest’s new brand of 40% proof vodka, clearly referencing the demonic rodent on the bottle for an ironic-as-hell… win?

This mascot of alcohol-induced psychosis is apparently appealing, promising to get you so drunk you’re wailing olde Russian ballads, squashing imaginary spiders on the ceiling and shooting someone’s wife (Yes, that’s what the PSA’s about). Relieve the wonder with the video below. Ending line: “I’m coming for you.” Vodka’s byline: “I’m here.” Yikes.