Russian Gals Rip Shirts for Putin, Blow His Cover as Secret Prez

Pretty ladies and their prominently featured breasts starred in this video calling all “young, smart, beautiful women” to “rip it up” for Putin: “What are you ready to do for your president?” Aside from the sexism-lite, there’s one problem… Putin isn’t the president.

This dancin’ fella here is the president. Putin is the Prime Minister, but ask any Kremlin critic and they’ll tell you that Putin is the real puppet master of the Russian Federation. Outed!

Apparently, the singing, swinging, suspected-journalist-killing macho-macho man has the ladies drooling and spouting patriotism with all their orifices…

I am crazy about the man who changed the life of our country. He is an honorable politician. He is a spectacular man. He is Vladimir Putin. He is adored by millions. He is trusted. But there are people who besmirch his name, maybe because they fear him, maybe because they can never take his place. Blah blah blah da da da.

“Army of Putin” girls are to make videos of them ripping “something or someone” up — “something” strongly suggested to be something flimsy covering amply patriotic bosoms, as per viddy above — and then they are to put it here, on Russian Facebook. The most “original” one wins that iPad 2 being caressed. Mmmjealous?