CORPSESWhen the Nizhny Novgorod police raided the home of obsessive cemetery expert Anatoly Moskvin, they discovered it shoved full of gravestone plaques, grave maps, bones, skulls, and… 29 female corpses aged 12 to 30 at the time of death. This is the police tape.

RT has obtained the tape “recently.” Hear coppers sigh, “Oh, that’s a corpse.”

Some say it was a disappeared girlfriend that sent Anatoly corpse-digging. He says it was an occult ceremony he accidentally witnessed at a ceremony. ┬áThe man’s parents and proprietors of the country home figured he was down there being a hobbyist and building his dolls. Well, he was… hauling corpses out of the cemetery in bags for the past fifteen years, dressing up in doll-like dressy outfits and staging them “naturally” about the three rooms of his untidy necropolis. Erm, cozy?

One “doll” was implanted with a music box that played a children’s tune when the police attempted to dislodge her from her position. Ok, now this is the movie you make, Hollywood.