euroRussian pop-dude Alexey Vorobyov concluded his performance at that Euro singing shin-ding no one watches by wildly waving the Russian flag and cursing at the German audience on live TV. Classy!

Perhaps hopped up on patriotism since Russia just celebrated V-Day, Alexey got so pumped about his high score at the Germany-hosted Eurovision-2011, he let out some triumphant blyat (“whore,” “slut,” “cunt,” nomenclature etc.) and it went something like this: “This is Russia! This is Russia, you whores!” (Cameraman pans away) “Come here, whore!” (Cameraman pans back) “Look me in the eyes, whore!”

The Russian blogosphere cheered (“Putin should decorate him with a medal!”) and jeered (“National Front much?”) but generally, people are pissed… as if “the music” wasn’t embarrassing enough.