Russians Keep Throwing Themselves Off Buildings

01.07.11 Marina Galperina

WHEEEReally? You’re shocked by this video of Russian kids chucking a screaming female comrade off a giant dilapidated building to have her swing wildly off a bungee chord? Where’ve you been, Yank?

You haven’t seen the sled-bungee prequel? Or Russians driving through fire? Or the endless vids of Rusky parkour around post-apocalyptic projects? At least they used a bungee cord this time, instead of just dropping down five stories into a bank of snow for fun. Why don’t you try it before you knock it… see how fun?

And don’t start with the “because Vodka!” bull. That’s stereotypical. A gut burning with booze is in no way a prerequisite for thusly entertaining yourself. Albeit, it helps.