Russia’s Inflatable Sex Doll Race

08.09.11 Marina Galperina

In ex-Soviet Russia, sex doll rides you! Or something like that. Behold, the Bubble Babba 2011 races in St. Petersburg. Recently, 800 spectators showed up to watch Ruskies swim with pumped-up, plastic females (mostly) and one anatomically correct crocodile, paddling their fuck dolls to victory.

Plucked out of the “babe pile,” the erotic dummies were carried triumphantly on the shoulders of their partners, across train tracks and through a forest path, before plunging into a city river, their useless limbs flopping about.

Several abandoned bodies were left behind, floating down the river on their boob-like spheres, awaiting to be discovered on the riverbank, on and towards their next destiny.