Sasha Grey “Stars” in Ridiculous Indonesian Horror-Comedy

04.27.11 Marina Galperina

SASHANow that Sasha Grey has retired from porn, here’s a trailer for Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul. It’s half Sasha doing Sasha stuff in Hollywood and half insanely cheesy “horror” happening in Indonesia, all randomly edited together.

Why is there a little person in a cooking pot? Who knows. Why is Sasha’s webcam chatting causing prop blood pool all over the place? Who cares. Why, in general? Because of Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws. They’ve been casting clothed, foreign porn stars into terrible movies to lucratively cock-tease audiences for a while now over there. They just got to Sasha right before she moved on from her porn persona. Also: Is this why she moved on from her porn persona?