People of all faiths died in Lower Manhattan on that frightful day in September almost 10 years ago, so it’s understandable why an atheist group is opposed to the resurrection of the World Trade Center Cross at the site, it’s not a Christian graveyard after all.

The iconic T-beam was found a few days after the attack by construction worker Frank Silecchia, who believed it was a miracle, a “sign … that God didn’t dessert us.” Right. That’s exactly what I was thinking as the ruins of the Twin Towers still smoldered. Anyway, a priest blessed the religious relic before it was installed as part of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, prompting the American Atheists to file a lawsuit demanding that it be removed from the location.

And with good reason, as it opens up a can of worms that could allow other religious affiliations to demand that their gods be represented as well. And if it’s too controversial for Muslims to build an Islamic cultural center blocks away from the WTC site, just imagine the outrage if they ask to stake claim on actual hallowed grounds? So, xenophobic Christians… Think of this as less of a slap in the face to Jesus and more of a way to way to ensure that Mohammad never steps foot there either.