Second Ave Subway Breaks Major Ground, Still Has a Ways to Go

There’s finally some progress with the Second Avenue Subway line. The tunneling from 96th to 63rd Street is finally done and now all that’s left to do is build the stations, dig the ventilation shafts, apportion money and finish the other three phases of the plan. This thing is never going to be finished.

This part of the Second Avenue plan has now taken a year and a half — let’s be generous and say that the MTA will take another two years to finish phase one. Then there’s phase two which is almost equal in size to phase one, that involves digging the tunnel from 125th to 96th Street. That should take another three and a half years.

Then there’s phase three which involves a tunnel being dug down Second Ave from 63rd Street Houston Street. Since that’s double the distance of the first two phases, it would take another seven years. This should allow T service to start up in the very distant future, circa 2024. (Photo: MTA/facebook)