If you hear blaring sirens and see people running for cover in Washington Square Park today between 1PM and 4PM don’t be alarmed, it’s just a multi-media art exhibition. The “Bomb Shelter” attempts to recreate the fear that Israelis face during rocket attacks.

“(We) wanted New Yorkers to viscerally feel what Israelis went through this week during the bombing of a Jerusalem bus stop and repeated rocket strikes,” said Craig Dershowitz, president of Artists 4 Israel. After all, if anyone needs a lesson in the anxiety caused by living under the constant threat of terrorism, clearly it’s New Yorkers!

Anyway, NYC graffiti writers like COPE2, SKI, and 2ESAE were enlisted to tag the structures, like the latter two artists did in Sderot, Israel (pictured above). Interesting concept, but here’s a suggestion for taking it one step further. Surround the park with barbed wire, tanks, and checkpoints. Add some low flying fighter jets and then we can also get an idea of what it’s like for Palestinians during an air raid.