The former beauty queen star of the ‘Tabloid’ doc on her 1977 scandal is suing the director, claiming she was tricked to appear in the film about her kidnapping a young Mormon missionary and holding him in sexual captivity for three days. She called “a honeymoon,” he called “rape,” courts called it “indecent assault.” She now says the film’s producer had threatened to let her dog Jazz puppy die in the pound if she didn’t sign the release forms.

As in, literally screaming at her “Sign it, sign it, or the dog will die!” She also claims that the film falsely accuses her of being “crazy, a sex offender, an S&M prostitute, and/or a rapist” which she discovered after sneaking into screenings in disguise. Meanwhile, Morris says that McKinney was provided limos and travel expenses to make several festival appearances. He says that was was interviewed for more than six hours, describing her “love affair” and giddily proclaiming you can’t rape a man, even if he’s chained to the bed for three days. He says she was in now way an unwilling subject. There’s some sort of twisted irony there.

EDIT: After seeing the film, it’s evident while Ms. McKinney is, how shall we say, “eccentric,” the actual film is fairly sympathetic to her and the love story in her head. ‘Nough speculating. Just go see it. It’s good.