Snapshots of Last Night’s ‘Occupy Wall St’ Protest

09.25.11 Bucky Turco

Yesterday was brutal for Occupy Wall Street protesters. The NYPD came down hard on the group Saturday afternoon as they marched near Union Square, aggressively arresting about 80 people and pepper spraying others, like Brooklyn resident Chelsea Elliott.

She’s one of the several women seen on video getting sprayed in the face by cops. (We interviewed her and hope to have that shortly.)

This of course led to a huge show of force for most of the evening at Zuccotti Park. Cop cars lined Broadway, officers could be seen with flex cuffs dangling from their utility belts, and there was spools of orange plastic nets at the ready, which would probably explain why major media outlets finally drove their news vans downtown. Despite the massive police presence, demonstrators carried on, celebrating their one week anniversary into the night. Congrats on that and the new library too.