Some Chick to Give Birth, Then Raise a Baby as Art, So Send Money

You’ve probably heard that performance artist Marni Kotak is going to pop one out live in the next few weeks at Bushwick’s Microscope gallery, but that’s not all. After The Birth of Baby X comes Raising Baby X, wherein spectacles less grand than squeezing out a mammal out of an orifice will be drawn out to a year of “podcast videos.”

Pardon my skepticism.

I’m all for this live birth thing, though I don’t believe simply having an audience automatically makes a human act into performance art.

A performance? Of course!

The exhibit also launches Kotak’s new conceptual work Raising Baby X in which she re-contextualizes the everyday act of raising a child into a work of performance art, reaching out to collectors, private investors and foundations for their support… Weekly podcast videos… document various activities that took place that week, such as breastfeeding, diaper changing, bedtime stories, playtime, sleep, and nursing minor ailments.

It’s just after expressing her “disdain for Facebook” use and its superfluous, banal exhibitionism… You know. I’m not saying you have to fake an abortion or kill yourself. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but you give me something more or something new, because it sounds like Baby X is biting The Truman Show. “The Birth of Baby X,” Marni Kotak, Oct 8 – Nov 7, Microscope Gallery, Bushwick