‘Specimens’ of a New York Apartment

08.17.11 Marina Galperina

For his latest series Specimens, Korean artist Do Ho Suh has sown translucent nylon replicas of objects in his New York City apartment. These airy sculptures of shower heads, doorknobs, electrical sockets and circuit boards with embroidered labels and puckered out switches are meant to be suspended, hovering in the gallery as if the walls were suddenly removed, leaving only ghostly pastel “memories” of domestic light, power and water sources.

A transcontinental transplant, Do Ho Suh deals with displacement and relationships with his non-native home by anchoring himself as the king of hid domain, one fabricy ghost-totem at a time. Whatever works.“Home Within Home,” Do Ho Suh, Sep 8 – Oct 22, Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NYC