Similar to the MTA, the Port Authority tends to spend money like a blackout drunk with a credit card, and then expects the public to bail them out when it comes to paying the bill. So as of Sunday, the agency raised tolls on all its crossings between between New York and New Jersey.

Normally, we have no problem with drivers paying a little more to keep the infrastructure they use in tact, but the money isn’t going towards that. It’s being used to fund the massive costs of rebuilding the World Trade Center complex, a move that has many commuters and the Automobile Association of America fuming, the latter of which is suing over the increase. The organization claims the measure is in violation of federal law, since the monies are going towards projects that have nothing to do with transportation. How long before the Port Authority hits back with a 9/11-style PSA, accusing motorists of being unpatriotic? (Photo: thenails/flickr)