The damage from Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene could have been much worse for the tri-state area. Some locals lost power and experienced flood damage, but residents in the ritzy Todt Hill section of Staten Island, self-titled “Zone Z,” loved what the storm did for their property.

“While some parts of Todt Hill (pronounced “tote”) did lose electricity when falling trees knocked down power lines, many inhabitants said they welcomed some of the damage: It left them with better views of the ocean.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Todt Hill, Todt means “dead” in Dutch, it’s the highest elevated area in the five boroughs. Verdure surrounds the upscale residences on the eastern portion of the ridge near the town of New Dorp, and the community has their own private country club and school. One home-owner of a 20,000 square-foot monstrosity on Benedict Road summed up the pastoral beauty of the area:

“It’s just so beautiful here…It’s like New Jersey.”

(Photo: New York Daily Photo)