Secluded from the rest of New York City, residents of Staten Island are a unique breed of people. They predominantly vote Republican, drive cars, and yes, a lot of them are frightened to death of turkeys.

Every year within earshot of Thanksgiving, there’s a report about the birds roaming the streets and while other New Yorkers appreciate an occasional wildlife appearance, SI locals are not nearly as supportive.

For many of them, the fowl are like a medieval horde or at the very least, hoodlums. Below is a collection of some of their most fearful quotes a Daily News reporter was able to compile:

“The turkeys are bigger than my children, and they aren’t afraid of people or even cars.”

“They are like the neighborhood gang.”

“The turkeys have multiplied since last year. They are street wise. They are city turkeys. They know how to survive.”

“The filthy animals are like a gang. They take over the street and yards and poop everywhere. It’s disgusting.”

(Photo: panoramio)