NYPD brass are a lot like Republicans: Even when they’re caught doing something unjust, they not only stick to their guns, but also double down. Take the department’s controversial stop-and-frisk tactic as an example. Despite all the marches, media attention, studies, and lawsuits and against it, the department isn’t backing off.

Instead, they’re going for a new record. The NYCLU took a look a look at the latest statistics and found that police have “stopped totally innocent New Yorkers 451,000 times” for first three quarters of 2011. At this pace, they should break last year’s record shattering 601,055 stops. As you can probably guess, the majority of these interrogations don’t place in predominantly white neighborhoods, which might explain why 85 percent of those subjected to the practice are black and Latino.

But hey, it’s not a total waste of resources, only a mere 88% of the people stopped are innocent. That’s a 12% success rate! (Photo: blueneurosis/flickr)