Because the NYPD blindly enforces laws that aren’t even illegal, every few months it takes a judge or the police commissioner himself, to remind them what IS and NOT an arrestable offense.

This has happened with photography in public (and videotaping), begging for change on Fifth Avenue, selling Obama condoms, nude painted models, pot possession, journalists doing their job, and most recently, a guy panhandling in Times Square while carrying a sign that says “Help! I Need Money for Weed!”

A federal judge authorized an agreement with the city, whereby cops would try their “best” to not bust Joshua Long while he’s engaged in lawful activities. How noble of them. Despite the ruling, Long still plans on pursuing his wrongful arrest lawsuit and could, ironically, end up with a nice settlement that would allow him to buy more than just some weed. (Photo: christiNYCa/flickr)