libyaWatch as photographer Eric Kim employs extreme ambushing techniques and goes on a spree on Hollywood Blvd with a Canon and a hand-held flash, snapping people left and right. So in your face! So… zzzzz.

Now, we’re 100% committed to photographers’ rights to take photos of people in public, psychotically overzealous cops be damned… but this fella is useless. No, there’s nothing illegal about what he’s doing and the technique isn’t novel. There are actually photogs that are/were good at this.

There’s also nothing illegal about running up to people and hollering “Boo!!!” (provided your genitals are not exposed). Pretty much all he’s doing is just that. Boo. Nothing to be giddy about.

Behold! The wonderful, revelatory range of expressions captured with this technique…

WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF and of course, the WTF.