Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a 20-year-old Saudi man arrested in Texas for allegedly planning to bomb all sorts of shit from California to New York has a blog and it’s not very good. Written in both Arabic and English, posts on are a mix of poems, diary entries, movie reviews and the cultural challenges life in the United States presents, like car buying.

Aldawsari explains his dilemma and offers keen insights into the American psyche. He’s also a big fan of “Pimp My Ride”:

I am facing a small issue to buy a good car in the US. First, many cars companies collapsed. Second, I don’t know how to find the good used cars if there are any of them. Furthermore, this issue led me to think about cars in the US Culture, and I have seen many people who like their cars and treat them like their girlfriends or sometimes more than that. Moreover, there are some American TV programs which are about cars that I watched in Saudi Arabia; for instance, I think it was “Pimp you car” or “Pimp to …” I am not sure but the name of the program begins with “Pimp” and the broadcaster of this program is an African America who has an excellent skills in modifying cars to change them to be perfect and an incredible. Last of all, Americans like their cars so much but what make them do? I think cars for Americans are like a wife, so the wife has to be beautiful, good family, pricy and precious.